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The Archangel Gabriel is the herald of visions, messenger of God and one of the angels of higher rank. He makes God's message understandable to people and helps them to accept it with a pure heart. The Archangel Gabriel is also called the angel of glory or the angel of announcemen.

The story of Christmas is known to all believers, in which the angel Gabriel visits Maria and announces to her: "You will have a son who is of the Spirit of God."


He is the Holy Patron Saint of all those who work in the field of communication and telecommunications. Many professions can rely on his support and protection in daily working life, including postal employees, philatelists, delivery men, garbage collectors, radio presenters and diplomats.


The name Gabriel translated from Hebrew means: God is my strength or God is my hero.


Size: Approximately H 14" x 10" x 7"
Materials: Resin, paint, and lots of Love & Reiki energy
Care: Wipe clean with cloth; do not submerge in water

Your Archangel Gabriel would be cleansed with Palo Santo and with the sound of my Tibetan Singing Bowl; and finally infused with Reiki Energy prior to be sent to you.

Archangel Gabriel Statue

SKU: 601144K
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