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This beautiful Flower of Life is a ceramic tile that you can display and use in different ways, even as a crystal grid. Ready for you to arrange your crystals with focus and intent, to help you enhance and manifest well-being in every area of your life. Your Flower of Life ceramic tile would be cleansed with Palo Santo and with the sound of my Tibetan Singing Bowl; and finally infused with Reiki Energy prior to be sent to you.

Crystals pictured are not included, shown for display purposes but, they are available for sale separately. Check out our store for “Crystals Grids Sets”.

Size Coaster: Diameter 3 3/4 inches Approx. (4 x 4 x 4 inch)

Size Ceramic Tile: Diameter 8 inch approx. (12 x 8 x 2 inch)
Materials: Ceramic tile and lots of Love & Reiki energy
Care: Wipe clean with cloth; do not submerge in water

“A crystal grid is the arrangement of any number of crystals in a geometric pattern designed with a specific focus and intent.” Philip Permutt.
Crystal grids can be created for any purpose and by anyone.
• Your Intention: Is an important key to making a crystal grid, as you will charge your crystals with your intention and arranged them with a specific goal in mind
• Crystals: Each variety of crystal has a meaning and a unique natural healing energy of its own and they can store, transmit, focus, amplify, and transmute that energy. With that on mind, you need to carefully choose the crystals for your grid.
• Crystal Grid Board: You can use any shape or symbol that has a meaning to you or any of the sacred geometry patterns, which makes a crystal grid more powerful and connected. We offered three, "Seed of Life", “Flower of Life” and “Metatron’s Cube”.

“When you create your crystal grid on such a pattern, you are using the natural energy of the mathematical ratios of life to enhance the energies of the crystals and magnify the crystal grid’s power.” Philip Permutt
Sacred Geometric patterns exist all around us, creating the fundamental structure and templates of life in the universe. Sacred geometry amplifies our connection to spirit, and creates harmony within ourselves, and between ourselves and the outside world. Is used to align with greater energies such as those of the Earth and the Universe.
By using sacred geometry, you are also making sure that your desire or goal is in alignment with that of the Universe and the greater plan or purpose for your life.

The Flower of Life is a physical representation of the connection with all living things in the universe. It is considered a sacred symbol universally, and said to also contain within in the “blue print of creation”, the “building blocks” of the universe – which we call the ‘Platonic Solids’. (Michele Harris) Use a Flower of Life crystal grid for balance, harmony, renewal, manifesting, creativity, all purpose. (Source: Ethan Lazzerini)

Flower of Life

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