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Beautiful handmade mala bags, perfect for storing your prayer mala (japa-mala) or rosary, keeping it safe, protected and energized.  Lots of love, good energy and sweet details made these mala bags special and beautiful. This bags fit on your hand making them easy to carry everywhere you go.



Size: 4in x 3in

Materials: Fabric (double layer), ink, popper clasp, beads, tassel/charm or button, thread, energy and love

Care: Gentle care hand wash only. Warm iron if needed.


If you use a personal mantra for meditation, then a mala will be valuable. A mala (Sanskrit for “garland”) is a counting device.  It is used to count the number of mantra recitations completed during a period of meditation –one repetition per bead. A mala usually contains 108 beads. Using a mala shifts your attention away from physical and mental distractions. More important, it is a measure of your mental capacity.  (Rolf Sovik – Moving Inward, the Journey of Meditation)


Each bag you receive may have slightly different shades of color or pattern. But please be assured that any difference will be small and the overall color, design and quality will be the same as the photo in our catalog.


Personalized orders gladly accepted

Mandala Mala Bags

Bag Color
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