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Starry Love

Navigating Relationships through birth chart. Coming Soon! SE HABLA ESPAÑOL.

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Service Description

Did you know that relationships serve as mirrors through which we examine aspects of ourselves we may not otherwise see? Your birth chart holds the keys to navigating your life. Why should one believe that a 'good' couple is solely a matter of fate? Is it merely luck, or is there more to it? There is much to explore! What will I teach you? - Whether your life mission involves refining your relationships. - Whether finding a soul mate or dharmic partner is in your destiny. - Whether getting involved in relationships will be straightforward or complex for you. - Which planets influence your relationships and whether they exhibit karmic patterns, potentially leading to experiences of energetic compensation. - The significance of understanding the moon in relationships. - An introduction to the Synastry technique, involving the overlay of birth charts of two individuals. Registration for the workshop includes a copy of your birth chart, which you will utilize during the workshop. Please provide your date, month, year, time, and place of birth, along with your email or cell phone number for any necessary clarifications: - 202-409-7730." Tutor: Patricia Ludueña :Astrologers are translators of the celestial code shown in the stars. There is a design, a plan that is shown in the Chart of your Inner Sky that we astrologers can decipher. And karmic reading allows us to link the different experiences that the Soul has had in its journey through time. It allows us to get in tune (align ourselves) with the reality of our Soul. There, a lot of valuable information for your life is written. We will be able to find out how long you have been with the family group to which you belong; if you are about to say goodbye to him or you just arrived. We will know if you left pending tasks in other lives and what now you will have to do yes or yes. You see, I call that Karmic Corridor, because it does not have the possibility of us escaping from it. I clarify that not all people have it. You will understand that there are areas of your life that need to be repaired. They are like subjects that have to be repeated, topics to be reviewed very carefully. You will understand the goal of the present life and the destiny to follow. You will be interested in discovering that there are innate knowledge or gifts that accompany you and that perhaps are still dormant. Or you can explain deep fears that manifest without apparent cause.

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  • 5500 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD, USA

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