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Use the Antahkarana symbol as a spiritual tool to support your connection during your healing and/or meditation sessions. A powerful healing symbol used in yoga and meditation, the antahkarana has a hexagonal form with three sevens, set within a circle.
This beautiful symbol is a ceramic tile that you can display and use in different ways.
The antahkarana symbol is used for meditation, healing, and spiritual cleansing. Since it’s believed to neutralize negative energies and heal, the antahkarana symbol is commonly placed on walls, furniture, massage tables, chairs, mattresses, and under pillows.

Size Coaster: Diameter 3 3/4 inches approx ( 4 x 4 x 4 inch).

Size Tile: Diameter 8 inches approx. (12 x 8 x 2 inch).
Materials: Ceramic tile and lots of Love & Reiki energy
Care: Wipe clean with cloth; do not submerge in water

Your Antahkarana Symbol ceramic tile would be cleansed with Palo Santo and with the sound of my Tibetan Singing Bowl; and finally infused with Reiki Energy prior to be sent to you.


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